"All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them"
- Magic Johnson

Our philosophy is to maintain a safe, happy and healthy environment, while meeting your child where they're at. Our hope is to enhance and encourage your child's social and emotional development throughout their first years of life and onward up until they are school-aged. We strive to create stimulating comfortable classrooms with a variety of curriculum for each developmental stage carried out by teachers that want to make a difference in the life of each child. We learn through a variety of settings including an academic classroom, as well as getting outside, being physical with our bodies, and using our hands and senses to inspire creative thinking. We are an advocate for all children of all abilities and hope to prepare them to face each day with confidence and the skills to be successful.

  • Dedicated caring professionals
  • All meals and snacks provided daily
  • Updates on your child in real time, using an app called Brightwheel
  • Learning that puts an equal emphasis on building social, emotional, and academic skills

All the food we provide includes fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grains, so you can feel confident your child will be getting the proper nutrients.

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Positive peer interactions

Building self-regulation skills

Whole-child academic approach

You can feel good knowing that your child is developing and learning at our childcare center. Call us now at 207-655-1030 to talk to one of our friendly caregivers.